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The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians

Austen Hartke

  • 3/15/2018
  • 0664263100
  • 978-0-664-26310-2
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"Weaving biblical examples of gender nonconformity and transformation with the stories and voices of contemporary trans Christians, Hartke&rsquo;s approach is both pastoral and prophetic as he addresses harmful Christian theology that has been used to further marginalize and exclude trans people. Hartke&rsquo;s scriptural basis for a trans-affirming theology offers a healing balm for queer and trans people who have ever questioned that God loves them based on &ldquo;what it says in the Bible,&rdquo; while challenging progressive Christian communities to center trans perspectives in their efforts to become truly open and affirming." &mdash;<em>Sojourners</em></p>

"Harke starts teaching theology how I have always wanted to teach, but have never been sure I got right: teaching like Jesus. Hartke deftly weaves biblical stories with the life stories of real transgender people, including himself. It was here that I came to believe Transforming would be as outstanding a tool for cisgender parents and pastors as it would be for transgender Christians like me, who can use some tools to find their way in the Christian community. Hartke shows many ways the Bible urges us to embrace those who are not like us, just as Jesus did. That is, telling the parable and letting us find our own conclusion." —Hiliary Howes, National Catholic Reporter 


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