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Eleanor: A Spiritual Biography
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Eleanor: A Spiritual Biography

The Faith of the 20th Century's Most Influential Woman

More than fifty years after her death, Eleanor Roosevelt is remembered as a formidable first lady and tireless social activist. Often overlooked, however, is her deep and inclusive spirituality. Her personal faith was shaped by reading the New Testa...

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Jackie Robinson: A Spiritual Biography
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Jackie Robinson: A Spiritual Biography

The Faith of a Boundary-Breaking Hero

Jackie Robinson believed in a God who sides with the oppressed and who calls us to see one another as sisters and brothers. This faith was a powerful but quiet engine that drove and sustained him as he shattered racial barriers on and beyond the bas...

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A Following Holy Life

Jeremy Taylor and His Writings

Jeremy Taylor (1613 -1667) rose to prominence in the Golden Age of Anglicanism. After a time in which Calvinist influences had been dominant, a group of writers, collectively known as the Caroline Divines, could write assuredly from a position of ha...

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