Growing in Grace and Gratitude embraces children in the grace of God through engagement with the Bible. This children’s curriculum for ages 3–10 explores Bible stories through the lens of grace. Each session contains age-appropriate opportunities for responses of gratitude through claiming, celebrating, praying, and offering. Colorful illustrations accompany each Bible story to engage children visually.

Beginning with the fall 2024 quarter, Growing in Grace and Gratitude will become an undated, quarterly curriculum that continues to provide sessions that follow the liturgical year. By the fall 2026 quarter, there will be three years’ worth of material. At the beginning of each of the three educational years, four quarters of curriculum will be released for each of the age groupings (ages 3–5, 5–7, 8–10, and multiage for ages 5–10). All resources will be available only in a downloadable format.

Once each year is released, it will be available to purchase at any time and can be redownloaded as often as you need once you have made your initial purchase. Each of these years will recycle content from previous years.

•    Year 1—releases in time for Fall 2024—recycles Fall 2021–Summer 2022.

•    Year 2—releases in time for Fall 2025—recycles Fall 2022–Summer 2023.

•    Year 3—releases in time for Fall 2026—recycles Fall 2023–Summer 2024.

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Scope & Sequence
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•    Toddler

•    Ages 3–5

•    Ages 5–7

•    Ages 8–10

•    Multiage (Ages 5–10)

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Each quarterly age-level purchase includes:

•    Leader Material with biblical background information and connections with children, supplies list, notes about activities that need more preparation, options for responding to God’s grace with an extra activity in each session, icons pointing out specific needs and notes to offer ways to adapt activities, and Grace Notes (reproducible pages that provide activities and crafts).

•    Stories, Colors & More material with retellings of the Bible stories to engage children in active listening; story art to focus on the grace moment in the story and to imagine the narrative; and colorful resources for session activities, such as maps, games, photos, and song sheets to enrich sessions.

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Purchasers can also access free resources at, including:

•    Coloring Pages

•    Grace Sightings pages, which have the adapted Bible stories; story art; and activities for use at home

•    Story Audio downloads so you can listen to the Bible stories

•    Music & Melodies downloads for use with the sessions

Toddler (Ages 1–3)
This permanent resource introduces the love and grace of God through Bible stories and activities in the context of a faith community for the youngest children. These resources are available only in a downloadable format and include:

•    A Guide for Caregivers provides background information, program suggestions, and helpful hints for working with toddlers.

•    Stories & More are fifty-two Bible stories and pictures that provide colorful visuals of Bible stories and basic themes of Christian faith.

•    Enrichment Activities contain age-specific action poems, crafts, games, and more.

•    Resource Sheets that can be printed or emailed for use in the home.

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