Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding is a series of biblically based short-term courses that provide adults with a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith. Each six-session study—written by well-known and respected scholars—features Scripture, prayer, in-depth commentary, and questions for reflection. Each study addresses its subject from a Reformed theological perspective. Lessons are enhanced with a Participant Guide written by a well-respected scholar in that field of study and through the Leader's Guide, written by an educator which offers helpful suggestions and direction for group study. The main structure for these guides is the rubric Head, Heart, and Hands.

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Each study has a separate leader’s guide (LG) and participant book (PB):

Bible Studies Christian Living
Covenant  LGPB
Creation  LGPB
Discipleship: The Way of Jesus  LGPB
Following Jesus Today: Challenges and Opportunities  LGPB
Reading the Bible for Understanding  LGPB
Seeing Jesus in John’s Gospel  LGPB
Ten Commandments  LGPB
The Lord’s Prayer  LGPB
The Prophets Still Speak  LGPB
Wisdom  LGPB

Christian Hope  LGPB
Christian Living in God’s Splendor         LGPB
Faith and Science  LGPB
Grace & Gratitude  LGPB
Islam and Christianity  LGPB
Recognizing God’s Grace  LGPB
Stewardship of Creation  LGPB
Transformational Leaders  LGPB
Worship as Evangelism  LGPB
Being Presbyterian Advent and Lent
Faith, Hope, Love, and Witness: The PC(USA) Form of   Government  LGPB
Great Prayer of Thanksgiving  LGPB
Theology for Presbyterians  LGPB
More Theology for Presbyterians  LGPB
Re-membering Baptism  LGPB
The Great Ends of the Church  LGPB

Illuminating Advent  LGPB
Illuminating Lent  LGPB
Looking at the Cross  LGPB
Seven Days to Glory  LGPB
Temptation in the Desert  LGPB
Church History Confessions
Church History: Those Who Shaped the Christian Faith           LGPB
John Calvin: Founder of the Reformed Tradition  LGPB
The Protestant Reformations  LGPB
The Spirituality of Dietrich Bonhoeffer  LGPB
Wisdom from the Early Church  LGPB

The Apostles’ Creed  LGPB
The Heidelberg Catechism  LGPB
Exploring the Book of Confessions       LGPB
A Brief Statement of Faith  LGPB
The Confession of Belhar  LGPB
Mission and Social Justice
Call to Mission  LGPB
Enough: God’s Blessings in Abundance  LGPB
Into All the World: Participating in God’s Mission  LGPB
Seeking Social Justice  LGPB
The Church and Politics  LGPB
The Church and Social Issues  LGPB