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Glory to God Copyright Basics

If you need to know whether or not you need permission to use hymns from Glory to God, please view our guide for Glory to God Copyright Basics

Rights and Permissions for Glory to God 

Need permission to use hymns from the new Presbyterian hymnal Glory to God? Please understand we can only grant permission for texts and tunes controlled by Westminster John Knox Press (WJK) or Presbyterian Publishing (PPC). You can determine the correct copyright holder by checking our copyright holders index and you will find rights holder contact information here. Remember, public domain items never require permission. For rights and licensing information specific to the electronic editions, please view our electronic editions permissions guidelines. See below for more resources. 

Want to use a hymn text or tune controlled by WJK or PPC? You may not need special permission! Under our fair use policy, congregations may reproduce hymns for use in a worship bulletin, special program, or lesson resource provided (1) that the hymn bears a copyright from Westminster John Knox Press or Presbyterian Publishing (2) that the copyright notice shown beneath the hymn is included on the reproduction; and (3) that Glory to God is acknowledged as the source.

Please submit requests in writing by emailing You can also fax your request to 502-569-5113 or mail your requests to Presbyterian Publishing, Rights and Permissions, 100 Witherspoon Street, Louisville, KY 40202.

Please allow a week to process your requests. 

For permission to use all hymns not controlled by PPC or WJK that are not in the public domain, you must contact the respective rights holders using this contact list.



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