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Heaven on Earth

God's Call to Community in the Book of Revelation

Michael Battle

  • 2/23/2017
  • 0664262546
  • 978-0-664-26254-9
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"The book of Revelation is a closed book to many perplexed by its content and a happy hunting ground for others for whom it provides apocalyptic ammunition in support of dubious politics. In the hands of Michael Battle it becomes a source of encouragement and challenge for building community in a world in global crisis. Michael writes with passion, insight, a wry humor, and clarity. He also writes out of his experience as a black Episcopal priest who has drunk deeply from the wisdom of Desmond Tutu, his chief mentor. No more needs to be said to encourage you to read and digest what he has written and to study it together with others on the journey of faith and building the beloved community."
John W. De Gruchy, Robert Selby Taylor Professor Emeritus of Christian Studies, University of Cape Town, South Africa

"Michael Battle is a fitting name to write a commentary on Revelation. The archangel Michael battles the forces of evil hell-bent on moving God's creation toward destruction. As I have reiterated, however, no such evil will ever prevail. Michael Battle is also a fitting person to write this book: not only did I ordain him a priest, I also watched him over the years grow as he continuously integrated theology with the practice of ministry. In such an integrated way, Michael invites the reader into the birthing process of heaven on earth. As with any birth, we must move through pain and struggle toward the life that God continues to create. Our politics, economics, spirituality, environmentalism, and much more move through such purgation to new life. And God will not abandon us. God, like a mother, holds us even now as we must move toward wisdom and maturity."
Desmond Tutu


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