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Growing in God's Love

A Story Bible

Elizabeth F. Caldwell
Carol A. Wehrheim
  • 1/8/2018
  • 0664262910
  • 978-0-664-26291-4
  • Hardcover Printed Case
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  • Hardcover Printed Case
  • 352
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<p>"This Bible has many strengths, from its diverse and colorful full-page illustrations to its inclusion of an equal number of stories about women and men in the Old Testament." —<i>Christian Century</i></p>

"In this interactive compilation of 150 stories from the Christian Bible, children are prompted to hear, see, and act through a series of thought-provoking questions...Filled with a rainbow of culturally diverse illustrations from over twenty international artists, this unique collection is sure to entertain, encourage, and enlighten young hearts."
Foreword Reviews

"This is a good resource for collections as well as an excellent gift book." —Children's Literature

"This is wonderful collection of Bible stories–150 from the New and Old Testaments–that will enrich family conversations as well as Sunday school classes."—The Presbyterian Outlook

"Many parents in our churches do not feel adequately equipped to share scripture with their children, because they are unfamiliar with the Bible themselves. Introductions to each section of this story Bible will be of great help to parents such as these. They give good, simple overviews, set the stories in historical as well as scriptural context, and suggest how the stories might speak to us today." —Storypath


Who Counts?
Where Are You Hiding, God?
The Marvelous Mustard Seed
¿Quién cuenta?
Home by Another Way
When God Gave Us Words
Baptism Promises
God's Big Plan
God's Big Plan
El maravilloso grano de mostaza