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Pro-Choice and Christian

Reconciling Faith, Politics, and Justice

Kira Schlesinger

  • 9/25/2017
  • 0664262929
  • 978-0-664-26292-1
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“Schlesinger’s book is poised at the border between pro-life and pro-choice commitments. She wants dialogue with pro-lifers about the meaning of life and the world that they envision if women are not able to seek abortion. She doesn’t want to claim the word life for her side, nor does she want the word choice to simplify complicated and often painful circumstances. Mostly, she wants people to do the hard work of empathy.” —The Christian Century

<p>"Schlesinger invites us to look at the term pro-choice in the wider theological framework of a pro-life ethic encompassing all creation. In this framework we recognize that God is a God of life, but that God desires for all creation life that is full and flourishing, more than mere existence. Within this ethic, we can name the inherently tragic nature of abortion, and also name how we fail to create a society that welcomes and cares for children once they are born." &mdash;<em>Presbyterian Outlook</em></p>


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