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From Daughters to Disciples

Women's Stories from the New Testament

Lynn Japinga

  • 2/9/2021
  • 0664265707
  • 978-0-664-26570-0
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“An engaging and imaginative study of the women in the New Testament. The women of the Bible can appear distant from our modern lives. Japinga’s prose helps us see they are not and that these women still have many things to teach us. Through the book, we can feel a connection with our ancient sisters, and their acts of bravery and dedication remind us that our Christian call is to do the same.” —Beth LaNeel Tanner, Kansfield Chair of Old Testament, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

“A thoughtful, provocative, and theologically astute exploration of the women characters in the New Testament. Japinga writes with the keen eye of an historian and the sensitive heart of a pastor, bringing women’s history and the experience of contemporary church people into conversation with the glimpses we get of ancient women whose stories are sketched in the New Testament. Designed for church or school groups, the book includes a helpful study guide for each chapter.” —E. Elizabeth Johnson, J. Davison Philips Professor Emerita of New Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary

“Like the honest, tender, and bold women in the New Testament, this book also is honest, tender, and bold. It is an exploration of the very human lives of the women who gave birth to Jesus, followed Jesus, and proclaimed Jesus and then went on to provide leadership support to the fledgling Christian movement against all the odds stacked against them. Lynn Japinga is sympathetic, insightful, and challenging.” —Leanne Van Dyk, President and Professor of Theology, Columbia Theological Seminary

“Japinga invites us inside familiar stories and introduces us to women we thought we knew. In short—we didn't. Prepare to make some new friends and discover new insights as you read From Daughters to Disciples.” —Carol M. Bechtel, Professor of Old Testament, Western Theological Seminary


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