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Theological Fragments

Confessing What We Know and Cannot Know about an Infinite God

Ruben Rosario Rodriguez

  • 5/22/2023
  • 0664267475
  • 978-0-664-26747-6
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"With mastery borne of sustained reflection and care, Rosario Rodriguez sets out an important path for theology by critiquing excesses of totalizing systems and by emphasizing open-ended fragments that engage spiritual and moral sensibilities in a pluralistic postmodern age." -Douglas F. Ottati, Craig Family Distinguished Professor of Reformed Theology and Justice, Davidson College

"Ruben Rosario Rodriguez is a passionate and energetic champion of liberal theology. While I am no liberal, I deeply appreciate the role Theological Fragments will play welcoming students, clergy, and those in the pews into contemporary theological conversations. Accessible, engaging, and wide-ranging, this book addresses the most important issues Christians face today." -Vincent Lloyd, Professor, Villanova University

"Demonstrating tremendous intellectual range and depth of scholarly research, Ruben Rosario Rodriguez here offers a robust assortment of 'theological fragments' that ought to amply nourish the hungry souls of many searchers in our time, including but not limited to the young 'Nones' who are his primary audience. Highly recommended!" -David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University


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