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Tending the Wild Garden

Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit

Eugenia Anne Gamble

  • 8/12/2024
  • 0664268609
  • 978-0-664-26860-2
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"When reading about the fruit of the spirit, we often think about how we just don’t measure up to the expectations of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. In this reflective book, Eugenia Gamble invites us to let go of measuring and instead to tend the garden of our souls. When carefully nurtured, this fruit reveals God’s image in us." – Elizabeth F. Caldwell, author of Pause: Spending Lent with the Psalms

"Gamble skillfully evokes ecological metaphors in this grace-filled reflection on the Spirit's ongoing work within each of us. This study approaches the fruit of the spirit with the care of a gardener tasked with nurturing a preexisting plot - there is a stewardship of the Holy Spirit's work that encourages a thoughtful, cooperative partnership. Gamble's exploration of Paul's list from Galatians creates a sense of belonging and union with the work co-created by the Spirit within each of us. Seeing the fruit as something planted by the Holy Spirit, rather than a goal to attain through personal piety, encourages readers to embrace the freedom experienced in God's creation." –Andrew Pomerville, President and Professor of Practical Theology, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"Tending the Wild Garden invites us to deepen our relationship with God, guiding personal and collective reflection and action, tending to our spiritual gardens, and ‘weeding’ that which hinders our growth and the fruit that will be a blessing individually and collectively. I found Chapter 8, Tending to the Shoots of Faithfulness, to be particularly moving. Gamble’s candid and vulnerable sharing of stories, here and throughout the book, was deeply meaningful. I found myself accepting the invitation to '…put on [my] garden gloves and dig deeply' into my own Spirit’s garden." – Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri, Co-Moderator, 223rd General Assembly (2018), Presbyterian Church (USA), & Regional Liaison for the Caribbean.


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