Titles by: Rub�n Rosario Rodr�guez

Author: Rub�n Rosario Rodr�guez

Rub�n Rosario Rodr�guez is Associate Professor in the Department of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University, where he also serves as International Studies Director for the Mev Puleo Scholarship Program. He is the author of Racism and God-Talk: A Latino/a Perspective and Christian Martyrdom and Political Violence: A Comparative Theology with Judaism and Islam.

Dogmatics after Babel
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Dogmatics after Babel

Beyond the Theologies of Word and Culture

Rubén Rosario Rodríguez addresses the long-standing division between Christian theologies that take revelation as their starting point and focus and those that take human culture as theirs. After introducing these two theological streams that origin...

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