Titles by: George W. Stroup

Author: George W. Stroup

George W. Stroup is J.B. Green Professor of Theology at Columbia Theological Seminary. He is the author of The Promise of Narrative Christology, Before God, and Calvin.

Many Voices, One God
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Many Voices, One God

Being Faithful in a Pluralistic World

Pluralism presents both promises and challenges for Christian theology in the future. Here biblical scholars, religious ethicists, and theologians reflect on the meaning and abiding relevance of the Christian revelation for communities of faith and ...

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Reformed Reader:  A Sourcebook in Christian Theology
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Reformed Reader: A Sourcebook in Christian Theology

Volume 2: Contemporary Trajectories, 1799-Present

This volume demonstrates a central conviction of the Reformed tradition--that theology must honor the historic witness of the church as catholic while being faithful to the new tasks of the present-day church. It offers selections from Reformed theo...

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Why Jesus Matters
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Why Jesus Matters

Perhaps no topic is more central to Christianity than the fundamental study of who Jesus Christ is and what he has done. This illuminating and necessary book on Christology considers "why Jesus matters." It offers a thoroughly accessible discussion ...

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