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Titles by: Roland Boer

Author: Roland Boer

Roland Boer is Professor of Literary Theory at Renmin (People's) University of China, Beijing, and Research Professor in Religious Thought at the University of Newcastle, Australia. An internationally recognized lecturer, he is the author of numerous articles and books, including In the Vale of Tears; Lenin, Religion, and Theology; Criticism of Earth and Political Grace.

Political Grace
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Political Grace

The Revolutionary Theology of John Calvin

In this exploration of John Calvin's political thought, Roland Boer treats Calvin as a biblical scholar and political philosopher, showing us elusive aspects of Calvin's Institutes. Boer investigates Calvin's careful thinking in the Institutes as we...

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The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel (LAI)
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The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel (LAI)

The Sacred Economy of Ancient Israel offers a new reconstruction of the economic context of the Bible and of ancient Israel. It argues that the key to ancient economies is with those who worked on the land rather than in intermittent and relatively ...

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