Titles by: Luise Schottroff

Author: Luise Schottroff

Luise Schottroff teaches New Testament and feminist theology at the University of Kassel in Germany, and is the author of numerous books and articles, including Let the Oppressed Go Free (WJK).

Let the Oppressed Go Free
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Let the Oppressed Go Free

Feminist Perspectives on the New Testament

This important collection draws together fascinating recent studies of aspects of the New Testament of special interest to women by Louise Schottroff, a leading European scholar. These essays, translated for the first time, will deepen feminist scho...

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Lydia's Impatient Sisters
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Lydia's Impatient Sisters

A Feminist Social History of Early Christianity

Lydia's Impatient Sisters offers a social history of the everyday life of women, setting common experiences of labor, money, illness, and resistance in the context of the Roman imperial society.Luise Schottroff relates this history to important theo...

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