Titles by: Amy Plantinga Pauw

Author: Amy Plantinga Pauw

Amy Plantinga Pauw is Henry P. Mobley Jr. Professor of Doctrinal Theology at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. She is the editor of the Belief series, which she developed with the late William C. Placher. Her books include The Supreme Harmony of All: Jonathan Edwards' Trinitarian Theology, Making Time for God: Daily Devotions for Children and Families to Share with Susan Garrett, and Essays in Reformed Feminist and Womanist Dogmatics with Serene Jones.

Feminist and Womanist Essays in Reformed Dogmatics
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Feminist and Womanist Essays in Reformed Dogmatics

This book is a collection of essays by thirteen feminist and womanist authors who locate themselves within the Reformed tradition. Topics explored include: the Trinity, creation, election, atonement, the church, fear, resistance, and vocation. This ...

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Proverbs and Ecclesiastes
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Proverbs and Ecclesiastes

A Theological Commentary on the Bible

In this new volume in the Belief series, Amy Plantinga Pauw reveals how the biblical books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, while often overlooked, are surprisingly relevant for Christian faith today. Both biblical books probe everyday human experience...

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