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Titles by: John C. Purdy

Author: John C. Purdy

John C. Purdy is the author of Returning God's Call: The Challenge of Christian Living and Parables at Work, and editor of Always Being Reformed: The Future of Church Education.

God with a Human Face
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God with a Human Face

"The face of God" is a potent metaphor, like none other. To see God's face is something more than theoretical, mystical, or conceptional--and to see it, we must look at the face of Jesus. In this innovative book, John Purdy focuses on the face of Je...

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Parables at Work
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Parables at Work

John C. Purdy looks at familiar aspects of daily work in an unfamiliar way, that is, in relation to the parables of Jesus. In each of twelve chapters, Purdy examines one of the parables to see what it has to say about God's kingdom--its present dema...

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