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Author: Cornel West

Cornel West is Class of 1943 University Professor in the Center for African American Studies at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. He is considered one of America's most provocative public individuals and has been a champion for racial justice since childhood. His writing, speaking, and teaching weave together the traditions of the black Baptist church, progressive politics, and jazz. The New York Times has praised his "ferocious moral vision."

African American Religious Thought
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African American Religious Thought

An Anthology

Believing that African American religious studies has reached a crossroads, Cornel West and Eddie Glaude seek, in this landmark anthology, to steer the discipline into the future. Arguing that the complexity of beliefs, choices, and actions of Afric...

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Moral Man and Immoral Society
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Moral Man and Immoral Society

A Study in Ethics and Politics

Arguably his most famous book, Moral Man and Immoral Society is Reinhold Niebuhr's important early study (1932) in ethics and politics. Widely read and continually relevant, this book marked Niebuhr's decisive break from progressive religion and pol...

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Prophesy Deliverance!
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Prophesy Deliverance!

An Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity

In this, his premiere work, Cornel West provides readers with a new understanding of the African American experience based largely on his own political and cultural perspectives borne out of his own life's experiences. He challenges African American...

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