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Titles by: Mark McEntire

Author: Mark McEntire

Mark McEntire is Professor of Biblical Studies at Belmont University in Nashville. He is the author of several important books on the Hebrew Bible, including Portraits of a Mature God: Choices in Old Testament Theologyand A Chorus of Prophetic Voices: Introducing the Prophetic Literature of Ancient Israel.

A Chorus of Prophetic Voices
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A Chorus of Prophetic Voices

Introducing the Prophetic Literature of Ancient Israel

While there are many textbooks about the prophetic literature, most have taken either a historical or literary approach to studying the prophets. A Chorus of Prophetic Voices, by contrast, draws on both historical and literary approaches by paying c...

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Not Scattered or Confused
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Not Scattered or Confused

Rethinking the Urban World of the Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible displays a complicated attitude toward cities. Much of the story tells of a rural, agrarian society, yet those stories were written by people living in urban environments. Moreover, cities frequently appear in a negative light; the ...

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