Jerry Herships is the founding pastor of After Hours Denver, a faith community of rebels and misfits that meets in dives and pubs to talk God and the Holy over drinks while making PB&Js to pass out to the hungry and homeless of downtown Denver. A former bartender turned comedian, Herships was drawn into ministry after realizing that the connections and conversations he had with his customers were deeper and more real than anything he’d ever experienced in church. He is the author of Last Call: From Serving Drinks to Serving Jesus.

Last Call
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Last Call

From Serving Drinks to Serving Jesus

"I had a vision of a faith community where people could have a wider understanding of God and our relationship to him/her. I wanted to create a place where people could state what they believe and what they struggle with-freely. I wanted a community...

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Rogue Saints
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Rogue Saints

Spirituality for Good-Hearted Heathens

The world is full of good-hearted heathens, those who love people and those who want to do good in the world. They’re not against God—they just have no use for church. Church is boring and hypocritical.  Plus, who wants to sit through a sermon every...

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