These Days, Daily Devotions for Living by Faith

Strengthen your faith with These Days, an inspiring and uplifting daily devotional! Each issue of These Days features:

  - Scripture suggestions
  - Thought-provoking daily reflections written by clergy and lay leaders
  - Inspiring prayers
  - Adult coloring pages
  - Colorful artwork on the outside covers with poems, prayers, and songs
         pertinent to the issue's theme
  - Information about the writers

This moving devotional is released in printed format quarterly in regular or enlarged print. You can purchase a yearly subscription for $9.95/year for regular print or $11.50/year for enlarged print. Discounts are available when you order 5+ subscriptions of These Days and all prices are valid through December 31, 2024.

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Praise for These Days
"To nurture the daily practice of prayer and the reading of Scripture, there is solid help in the pages of These Days. The devotions wrestle faithfully with the doubts, joys, and challenges of the Christian life."

—Reverend Dr. Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching,
Candler School of Theology, Emory University

"These Days has been my primary devotional over the years. The heartfelt devotions often are just what I need to help me focus on God's direction for me. The devotions are useful in other settings such as circle meetings or as a way of opening other church gatherings. These Days has been on my table for many years, and I expect to continue relying on it for many more years."

—Kristen York Gerling, 2003-2006 Moderator, Presbyterian Women

"These Days is a wonderful devotional magazine. The themes and prayers come from the heart of Christian discipleship today, helping to connect the reader to the living words of Scripture. For college students to older adults, These Days is a daily source of insight and inspiration."

—Reverend Janice Catron, Pastor of John Knox Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky,
author of God's Vision, Our Calling, and the 2013-2014 Horizons Bible Study
"An Abiding Hope: The Presence of God in Exodus and Deuteronomy"

"I truly love devotionals in These Days because they avoid the trap of peddling simple answers to complex questions. Instead, they delve deeply into the issues that we care deeply about. I always feel a little richer for having read them."

—Reverend Erik Kolbell, former minister of social justice at Riverside Church,
New York, and author of When Your Life is On Fire, What Jesus Meant:
The Beatitudes and a Meaningful Life
, and Were You There?
Finding Ourselves at the Foot of the Cross

"These Days has been an essential part of my faith journey. ... I am inspired and enriched by reading the meditations that come from a variety of writers. It is a wonderful resource for spiritual growth and development of individuals, groups, and congregations throughout the church."

—Catrelia Hunter, 2007-2010 Moderator, Presbyterian Women

"These Days helps me prepare for the unexpected and grounds me in faithful applications for changes big and small in my life. The daily prayers connect me with every situation that I encounter. The creativity of the authors tells me how ever-evolving God's gifts are. I use the daily lessons to guide me and to inspire me; to deepen my faith and to magnify my hope."

—Wanda Beauman, 2015-2018 Vice Moderator for Justice and Peace, Presbyterian Women