Follow Me: Biblical Practices for Faithful Living is a thirty-six-unit curriculum based on practices Jesus did and taught us to do as faithful followers. Written for people of all ages who wish to live out their faith, this new curriculum examines where these practices are found in the Bible and how they have been used in Christian faith then and now.
Infographic posters are an integral piece in the curriculum. They are visual learning aids which help participants of every age understand foundational concepts of faith, as well as provide additional information about each practice to enhance the faith formation experience.

Posters may be purchased as a set of twelve (one poster for each practice in Year 1, Year 2, or Year 3) in print or digital download forms or individually as a digital download only. Posters are not included in the Small-scale or Large-scale Packages.

Printed posters measure 18” x 24”. You can purchase individual posters as downloads only. All poster digital downloads include a copyright statement giving you or a local printer permission to print the posters at any size. The digital poster may be projected onto a screen or sent out to members of your congregation.
Poster sets
Year 1 Infographics 
12 poster set that includes posters for the following units:

Welcome All, Follow Jesus, Confess, Hope, Baptize, Live in Community, Practice Spiritual Disciplines, Practice Joy, Honor God’s Diversity, Sing a New Song, Make Peace, Practice Generosity

Year 2 Infographics
12 poster set that includes posters for the following units:

Honor Sabbath, Pray, Forgive, Announce the Realm of God, Lament, Do Justice, Love God, Neighbor, Enemy, Celebrate Communion, Break Boundaries, Make Disciples, Care for Creation, Walk Humbly

Year 3 Infographics
12 poster set that includes posters for the following units:

Take Up Your Cross, Worship God, Feed Others, Do Not Fear, Renounce Evil, Comfort Those Who Mourn, Use Spiritual Gifts, Share the Good News, Serve Others, Heal the Sick, Practice Gratitude, Speak the Truth
Bible Basics
12 poster set that includes the following posters:

Books of the Bible, Books of the Old Testament, Books of the New Testament, Ten Commandments, The Old Testament Stories, The Prophets, The Gospels, Stories of the Jesus and the Early Church, Stories and Parables of Jesus, Sacraments, Lord’s Prayer
Infographic Posters