Follow Me: Buyers Guide

How to order each unit (practice)

1. Choose the age-level leader’s guides, Adult Reflection Guide, and Congregational Guide that you need. Curriculum has been conveniently packaged for ease of ordering. Remember to order infographic posters or poster sets separately.
Small-Scale Package Includes:
  • 1 Congregational Guide
  • 1 Multiage Children Leader’s Guide
  • 1 Adult Leader’s Guide
  • 5 Adult Reflection Guides (Print Only)

Small-Scale Package: $120   $100D 
Large-Scale Package Includes:
  • 1 Congregational Guide
  • 1 Young Children Leader’s Guide
  • 1 Multiage Children Leader’s Guide
  • 1 Youth Leader’s Guide
  • 1 Adult Leader’s Guide
  • 10 Adult Reflection Guides (Print Only)

Large-Scale Package: $220  $200D
Individual Guides: Print Download
Congregational Guide $45 $40
Young Children Leader's Guide $35 $30
Multiage Children Leader's Guide $35 $30
Youth Leader's Guide $35 $30
Adult Leader's Guide $15 $12
Adult Reflection Guide $9 N/A
Adult Reflection Guides:
  • These can be ordered individually. Order one Adult Reflection Guide for each adult participant.
  • Bulk pricing is available: 10 or more for $8/guide, 25 or more for $7.50/guide. Bulk discounts show up automatically when you add them to your cart.
  • Adult Reflection Guides can be purchased as an ebook individually or in bulk on
Infographic Poster Sets:
  • There is one infographic poster for each unit (practice) available in a year (9 posters).
  • Poster sets for each year (Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3) can be purchased in print or download format.
  • A helpful Bible Basics infographic poster set is also available (12 posters).
  • Individual infographic posters are available only in download format.
2. Choose your format.
Print Curriculum
Print pieces will be shipped to you once the curriculum is published and your order is processed.
    • Individual unit posters are available only in download format

Download Curriculum
Download pieces will be available immediately when the item is published. To download your product, go to your account page, click on the Products and Downloads section, and then click on the title of the resource you want to download.
  • Adult Reflection Guides are available only in print form.
3. Place your order.
Go to to place your order online.
Call our customer service team Monday to Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m. EST at 800-533-4371.

Small-Scale Packages

Large-Scale Packages

 Young Children's Leader's Guides
   Multiage Children's Leader's Guides
   Youth Leader's Guides
   Adult Leader Guides
   Adult Reflection Guides
   Congregation Guides