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Presbyterian Hymnal (purple)
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Creation Care in Glory to God 

Decisions about Language in Glory to God   

Liturgy in Glory to God   

Musical Genres in Glory to God   

Planning Worship with Glory to God

Preaching and Teaching from Glory to God

Social Justice Themes in Glory to God

Teachings on Salvation in Glory to God

The Theology of Glory to God

Women in the Songs of Glory to God

Introducing Glory to God to Your Church

Challenges of Creating a New Hymnal

Singing through the Liturgical Year

Why Another New Hymnal?


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Hymnals as Denominational Scrapbooks

Making Full Use of Your Hymnal

No More New Hymns

Studying the Bible through Hymns

The Use of Psalms in Worship

What Goes in a Hymnal

Why Don't Hymns End with Amen

Why Sing Global Songs

Will a Praise Band Help Our Church Grow