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Academic Bible

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Womanist Midrash, Volume 2

A Reintroduction to the Women of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings

Womanist Midrash is an in- depth and creative exploration of the well- and lesser-known women of th...

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Redeeming Violent Verses
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Redeeming Violent Verses

A Guide for Using Troublesome Texts in Church and Ministry

“One the greatest challenges the church faces today,” writes Jerome F. D. Creach, &ldqu...

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Love in the Hebrew Bible
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Love in the Hebrew Bible

Christians insist that love stands at the heart of who God is. Yet, when we talk about love in the ...

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Not Scattered or Confused
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Not Scattered or Confused

Rethinking the Urban World of the Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible displays a complicated attitude toward cities. Much of the story tells of a rural,...

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