Content List
Introduction to Christian Ethics
Indonesian Book of Order 2017–2019
Interrupting Silence
Interpretation Complete Commentary: WORDsearch Edition
Imagining a Way
In Celebration of Life Envelopes
I Want to Live These Days with You
It's Complicated
Israel-Palestine: For Human Values in the Absence of a Just Peace
Inclusive Marriage Services
Inclusive Marriage Services
Interpreting Prophetic Literature
I & II Thessalonians (2015)
Isaiah for Everyone
Introducing Glory to God
Invasion of the Dead
Inhabiting Eden
Introducing Glory to God to Your Church
Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines
I & II Kings
Illuminating Advent, Leader's Guide
Illuminating Advent, Participant's Book
Illuminating Lent, Leader's Guide
Illuminating Lent, Participant's Book
I & II Samuel (2011)
Interpretation Complete Series Set
Interpretation New Testament Series Set
Interpretation Old Testament Series Set
I, II, & III John
Isaiah 40-66
Issues Coming to the 2012 General Assembly
Isaiah 1-39
I & II Samuel (2011)
I Believe I'll Testify
Into All the World: Participating in God's Mission, Leader's Guide
Into All The World: Participating in God's Mission, Participant's Book
Is This the Church I Interviewed For?
In Defense of Civility
I & II Peter and Jude (2010)
Introduction to Stewardship
Islam and Christianity, Leader's Guide
Islam and Christianity, Participant's Book
Imperfect Believers
Introducing Christianity
Immigrants Living and Working in the United States
I Believe
In the Shadow of Empire
I, II, & III John (2008)
Introduction to Modern Theology
In the Beginning 2006-07 Bible Study Audio Compact Disc
I Have a Plan
Imagining Redemption
Images of the Church in the New Testament (2004)
In Spirit and in Truth
II Corinthians (2003)
Israel & Palestine: The Quest to Peace
If Jesus Were a Senior
Is It I, Lord?
Interchurch Families
If Jesus Were a Sophomore
I Happened upon a Miracle
Introducing the Reformed Faith
Isaiah (2000)
In Our Own Voices
In the Company of Jesus
Isaiah 1-39
Isaiah 40-66
In Whose Image?
It Takes Two
Introduction to Christian Theology
Ideology in America
Interim Pastor's Manual, Revised Edition
Introducing the New Testament, Third Revised Edition
Isaiah 40-66
Isaiah's Vision and the Family of God
Israel and the Politics of Land
I and II Chronicles (1993)
In Search of Wisdom
Islam and War
Isaiah 1-39
Instruction in Faith (1537)
Imitating Paul
Introduction to the Old Testament, Third Edition (1989)
Inclusive Language in the Church
Inheriting Our Mothers' Gardens
I and II Kings
Isaiah, Volume 2
I and II Chronicles
Isaiah, Volume 1
Isaiah 1-12, Second Edition (1983)
Isaiah 1-12, Second Edition (1983)
I and II Samuel
Introduction to Pastoral Care
Isaiah 13-39 (1974)
Introduction to the Bible
Isaiah 40-66 (1969)
I and II Samuel (1965)
Indonesian Book of Order 2017-2019
Invitation To Christ
Isaiah (2000)