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This online library is for POINT Members and Partners to access free resources. You can always access this page at Whenever we create new resources, they'll be added here.

This library is organized into 2 main groups: Curriculum and Resources. Curriculum includes samples and promotional materials organized by name of the curriculum. Resources includes materials you might find useful as a POINT Member or Partner. If you can’t find what you need or have questions about a resource, please contact the POINT Coordinator.

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Growing in God's Love: A Story Bible Curriculum

This relationally focused curriculum dives into the 148 stories from the story Bible. Each session also includes suggestions for intergenerational church and home activities around worship, education, connections, and service. Ideal for any size church to use with multiage children's groups. Download a sample session.

For even more information, visit the story Bible curriculum webpage.

List of units with biblical references.


Mr. Rogers

Explore what it means to be a good neighbor with all generations at your church with this free four-session Mister Roger's Neighborhood Intergenerational Sessions.  

Download the Mister Roger's Neighborhood Intergenerational Sessions


Big God Big Questions

This confirmation curriculum meets youth where they are and explores the four questions youth are asked at confirmation so they may faithfully answer those questions.

Scope and Sequence

Full Session Plan



Ideas for Inclusion

Invited Guests

Ways to Use


Growing in Grace and Gratitude

This quarterly denominational curriculum teaches children Bible stories and faith traditions while helping them to see God’s grace in the story and the world today. Gratitude is expressed through claiming, celebrating, praying, and offering.

Sample Lesson: Ages 3-5

Sample Lesson: Ages 5-7

Sample Lesson: Ages 8-10

Sample Lesson: Ages 5-10 (multi-age)

Welcome Letter

Basic Supply List

Working with Pre-readers

Children with Disabilities Support Map

Faith Questions

In four- to six-week units, this youth curriculum covers a wide range of biblical and thematic topics. Web resources are included.

List of Titles with downloads for Coffeehouse and Resource PDFs

Sample Lesson

List of All Faith Questions Studies

Simple Sundays

This easy-to-use curriculum for youth is great for youth group or other youth gatherings with no prep and minimal supplies for each lesson.

Sample Lesson  


This youth curriculum provides adolescent development resources about tough topics youth face. There are both single sessions to use with a group and free articles to share with parents and youth leaders.

A Reformed-Presbyterian Understanding of Sexuality

The Adolescent Reality

Alcohol Abuse among Teenagers


Nurturing Our Children on the Path to Christian Adulthood

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

The Problem of Pornography

The Problem of Sexting

The Problem of Sexual Bullying

Helping Parents Accept Their Children's Sexual Orientation and Identity

The Teenage Brain

Human Sexuality

Necessary Conversations

Practicing Shalom

Principles, Values, and Assumptions for a Faith-Based Course on Human Sexuality

Being Reformed

These thematic six-week adult studies cover a variety of topics and provide a foundational understanding of the Reformed faith with leader’s guides and participant’s books.

Workbooks allow each person to engage in study around leadership topics of the church: Ruling Elders, Deacons, New Members, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, Race and Reconciliation, Confirmation, and the Ministry of Teaching.

Sample Lesson

List of All Being Reformed Studies

Feasting on the Word

This lectionary curriculum is available for all ages: for children, youth, and adults. Each age group can study the same scriptures and there is a companion resource to integrate the sessions with worship and mission.

Scope and Sequence

Sample Lessons


Young Adult






Grades 3-4

Grades K-2

Children's Bulletin (as part of Joining the Feast)

The Present Word

This quarterly adult Bible study explores the biblical text and engages participants to connect faith and life.

Sample Book

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